Target Groups

Trainers & teachers

Trainers and teachers play an important role in the prevention of occupational health hazards and accidents, as they have a special responsibility in the education of young persons. Young workers are a particularly important target group. Aside from the fact that young workers have a large number of accidents in comparison, several studies showed that young people already have mental and physical problems. Therefore, it is especially important to train from an early stage the health and safety competence of young workers. For this purpose, teachers and trainers need appropriate qualification concepts.

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Occupational safety and health experts

In contrast to large enterprises, small enterprises often lack comprehensive knowledge necessary for the promotion of safety and health of the staff. There are, however, experts from numerous institutions, who offer appropriate concepts for the solution of problems typical in small enterprises.

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Principally, successful promotion of safety and health in small enterprises is possible in three areas: the structure of the enterprise, the methods of addressing the enterprise and the contents.

A small enterprise may offer resources to the entrepreneur and the staff (autonomous work, social support in a small organization, support and cooperation, e.g. in guilds), the structures of a small enterprise may, however, also cause significant stress and strain (performance of numerous management functions, time management, often high financial strain, double burden family/work).

The entrepreneur may successfully promote safety and health in his/her enterprise on the basis of the following conditions:

  • Promotion of safety and health must be recognized as integral part of the tasks of a small-scale entrepreneur.
  • Consciousness for safety and health may best be reached, if an actual benefit for the enterprise is obvious.
  • The entrepreneur should limit him/herself to significant problems and practice-related realizable topics.
  • The special family structure, especially the role of the entrepreneur's wife must be considered.
  • Accessibility of entrepreneur and staff must be ensured.



Responsibility for safety and health in the enterprise always lies with the entrepreneur. It is, however, often ignored that the employees are also obliged to behave in a way to maintain their health and not to get injured in a work accident. Often they do not have basic knowledge on occupational safety and on the behaviour that keeps them healthy.


Young workers

Young workers are an important target group of prevention. Aside from the fact that this group of persons has relatively many accidents as compared to all other groups, young workers often complain about back ache or mental problems. They are also very important when considering the demographic change in our world of work.
Our working life will get longer; hence, it is particularly important to stay healthy as long as possible. Therefore, the training of health competences supporting a long, healthy working life should be started as early as possible. Qualification is an important part of this.




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